Training Stories

Each of us is different and so are the motivations of every one of my clients to exercise. The transformations that come out of our training each hold a special unique story of its own. Within here are just some of the stories of their journeys to reach their fitness goals while also coming across new discoveries and experiencing new-found freedom in the process. The effect of fitness on the mind and body is a powerful one. One can never realize his or her fullest potential without directly experiencing the effect that fitness has on improving one’s overall well-being. I hope these stories will inspire you to expand your horizons to live a life full through a dedication to nurture your own health and fitness.

The Transformation of a Ballroom Dancer

The Transformation of a Ballroom Dancer
Written by Levina Kasmara


“As I am making my way to the gym inside the hotel where the ballroom dance competition is being held this weekend, I can’t help but think about how the workouts created by Anna Wong have significantly and massively helped my dancing. Not only does it make me stronger, but mentally it gives me a peace of mind to know that even when I don’t feel up to par, I can rely on the exercises that she has selected just for me to prepare me and get me through my competitions.

I started dancing and competing in ballroom (referred to as “DanceSport”) back in 2006. It was love at first sight! As soon as I strapped on those beautiful but extremely painful high ballroom heels, I started trying on techniques and immersing myself into various ballroom dancing characters. From then on, I knew dancing was something I wanted to do and pursue until the day that I physically can no longer dance. However, being very young, I did not have the understanding of how to look after my body and to do the right things for my physique. I thought that in order to become a better ballroom dancer, all I needed to do is dance, take lots of lessons and practice the dancing techniques over and over and that eventually I’d be able to even do it in my sleep. But after all the many long hours and years of stretching, twisting and wearing out my body in strictly dance, there came a point when every tiny fiber in my muscles felt like they had been ripped apart. I started noticing pain. Again, being young, I thought I was invincible and that the sore muscles from my dancing would somehow go away by themselves. Then suddenly one day, I experienced an excruciating persistent pain on the left side of my lower back. It was so painful that I could not eat or sleep and had difficulty concentrating in all aspects of my life. I would stay awake at night crying because it was so painful. I wished it would just go away. I lost confidence in my dancing and thought about giving it all up.

I went to the doctor hoping to get my back fixed. After describing the pain and giving a history of what I had been doing to my body over the past few years to get to this point, the doctor suggested I go for an MRI. It turned out that the doctor suspected a herniated disc in my lower back and that I may need to undergo surgery. But going through surgery would not only mean not dancing for awhile, but that my back may never be 100 percent again. I couldn’t bear with this thought so I asked my doctor if there was any other alternative. She casually mentioned that hitting the gym and building the muscles in my body would help protect the herniated disc. Why didn’t I think of that before???!!!

As soon as I left the doctor’s office, I immediately contacted Anna Wong. My instincts told me that she would be the person to help me heal this condition. I foresaw myself not only healing, but also becoming and looking physically stronger on the dance floor. When I told her of my situation, she wasted no time and started immediately with my training. I would see her every week, two or three times each week, and within two weeks, I stopped feeling that persistent pain in my back. Nowadays I find it amusing when others would ask me about my back problem. I would always pause in puzzlement forgetting that I even ever had a back problem and thinking “Did I ever have one?”

Not only did Anna’s training regimen help heal my back right away, but also, it helped my dancing a lot! I started winning dance competitions! I don’t know I how I ever pulled off dancing before without training with her. With Anna, I visually saw my body changing and looking stronger, balanced, toned and defined. I became so defined that people would comment on how fit I look even when I am wearing long sleeves and covered up in pants. Even more, the best part is how I felt inside. I now know what it feels like to be truly invincible. I can dance harder and execute stronger actions and movements without all the unhealthy pains that I used to feel. Dancing competitively is very strenuous on the body. It is common for dancers to feel the strain and soreness on a regular basis due to the enormous stress that we put on our bodies. Nevertheless, every time I go see Anna for our training sessions, all my aches, pains and physical stress would be relieved. She always starts each session by asking me if I feel any pain or soreness. All I needed to do was tell her how I felt, and she would improvise the workout according to exactly how I felt that day. I always wondered how she did it; it’s almost like magic. With each session, not only do I come out feeling stronger and more limber, she also helps get rid of whatever soreness or strain I had on that particular day!

Feeling physically strong was one thing, but as a competitor, it is also crucial for me to be mentally strong. When I started training with Anna, I thought that I would only become physically strong. But what I came to realize is that she has also helped me become mentally strong. Throughout each session, we would have conversations about life, my dancing and everything else happening currently in my life. She listens with care and genuinely finds a way to help. She always manages to say something that automatically unlocks something in me. The amount of mental clarity and answers that I discover after each session was, as I said, like magic! Looking back at my life before I met Anna, I was a completely different person. I didn’t know what would have happened if I had never met and started training with Anna. Maybe I would no longer be able to dance anymore because of the amount of injury that would have accumulated from my dancing over time due to my lack of knowledge. All I know is that I now continually apply everything she has taught, trained, and showed me to my life and my dancing. Sometimes I would go through pictures of myself before I started training with Anna and compare it to pictures after I started training with her. Not only am I able to see the physical transformation, but I also see the energy and aura that exudes from my being after training with Anna. I was timid, insecure, unsure, and scared before; but after Anna came into my life, I am strong, confident and feel powerful! I feel so invincible and empowered that I no longer feel that fear… fear of failure, fear of being unable to do what I want, and even the fear of living life to the fullest.

If anyone is looking for a transformation inside and outside, I sincerely believe that Anna would be the only person to help make that happen.”

Exposed: A Body of Art

Exposed: A Body of Art
(A story of Anna Szczepaniak)


“Anna, if only I could be as good of a designer as you are a trainer! Thanks for helping me discover my potential.” – Anna Szczepaniak

“The fat clothes are gone forever! I’ve lost weight, gained muscle, increased my energy levels, and at 35 I am in the best shape I’ve ever been in. Anna has given me an inspired new outlook and a level of confidence I never had before…she’s changed my life.” – Anna Szczepaniak

My client Anna Szczepaniak is an interior designer who is renowned for her extraordinary work and is featured in a number of magazines in the prestigious world of design.

Along with getting into the best shape of her life, Anna Szczepaniak discovered that through being healthy and fit, she even has stronger hair. For the first time, she has been able to grow her hair long which she did not even think to expect would be a part of the process. Her transformation from her body to her self-confidence evolved furthermore, into a body literally of art. As a true lover of art, she celebrated her transformation with not just a small piece of ink art, but a body full of numerous tattoos that cover the whole lengths of her arm and leg. It’s like her whole being has come alive from a deeper connection with self that motivated a completely new expression of her true nature.

Anna Szczepaniak’s transformation took to a whole other level where she achieved not only the best shape that she has ever been in, but also, the strength and confidence to embrace the beauty that she also has within her. Rather than just having the one love of art, she has found an additional love – the love of being her authentic self and embracing her body, mind, and spirit. This new-found love is one that will take her through her lifetime to live a life full of joy, peace, and happiness.

Fitness Meets Fairytale Wedding

Fitness Meets Fairytale Wedding
(A story of Amy and Alfred’s Wedding)


Like almost every bride-to-be, Amy’s goal was to look her best when walking down the aisle to marry the man of her dreams. And yes, our training was most definitely aimed for her to fit that strapless silk designer wedding gown that go together with a hand-crafted veil, hand-stitched with Swarovski crystals. We worked together on giving her shapely toned arms and cinching her waist to give her body a nice contour that can wear the dress with poise, grace, and confidence.

The pictures speak for themselves. Not often does a bride also become a feature of a wedding magazine, but in our case it was and our work at the gym prepared her to be a stunningly beautiful and ready-bride. I trained both the bride and the groom for their magnificent fairytale wedding.

After walking down the garden aisle amidst the splendid glorious gardens of Cecil Green Park, Amy and Alfred were married. Today, they live happily ever after.