The Power of Giving


Transform your world through the power of giving. When you give positive energy of any kind, you change the world whether you know it or not. And in turn, you also change your own life.

Many people are secretly miserable but your positive impact will guarantee to lift them. People who are hurt suppress their feelings and may not instantly react. In fact, they may not show any reaction at all. Your positivity makes a difference. Give without expectations and don’t expect a reaction. Some may even do something to fight the positivity because they are so miserable. Don’t respond to negativity with negativity. Give positivity. Misery loves company. Don’t become one of them. Lift them with your love. People who are hurt are the ones who need lifting the most.

You affecting one person will in turn affect the person who he or she is next in touch with, which will then affect another. It’s a domino effect and it can easily be exponential. One person can make a difference just simply by starting. You may never know how far your gesture goes as everything is possible. We are all connected in this world and through the simple interactions of positivity, even by just your positive presence alone, you can change the energy not only just around you, but in this universe.

Giving need not be an enormous feat nor does it require money. Giving could be as simple as a giving a simple smile, being courteous, being thoughtful, being kind, showing love, a genuine compliment, a helping hand, a phone call, a smiley face text or an email just to let someone know that they are loved and thought of. Any kind of love regardless of form goes a long way. It can inspire, motivate or even save a life. All it requires is just a little bit of your time and a little bit of your energy. We can easily get caught up in our own busy lives, but remember – you live in a world with others and when you extend positive energy, you create a better world.

Giving is an empowering experience. When you know that you have positively transformed another being, you naturally feel good and feel amazing. It makes you want to do it again. The deed in itself is gratifying. By just lifting one person’s life, you also naturally lift your own in return. In life, whatever you put out comes back to you in a million folds. You will be pleasantly surprised at how the power of giving can magically and exponentially improve your life. It’s karma.