ANNA WONG - Testimonials

“Anna Wong is Trainer Extraordinaire!” Keenen Ivory Wayans, Emmy Award-winning Film & TV Producer/Director/Writer (IN LIVING COLOR – FOX hit TV series)

“My trainer worked me…it is good because I’ve got to be fit for the tour. It is really important to feel fit and feel like you can breathe when you are running around singing your heart out!” “Thanks a lot Anna!!!” “Thanks for whipping me into shape!” – Jessie Farrell, Country Music Singer

“Anna has been keeping me in the best shape of my life over the last 5 years. Her workout programs are instinctively tailored and achieve results! The best way to describe an Anna Wong workout is “Tough Love”. – Grant Tanaka, CA.

“For Anna and for all that she does, my endless gratitude and glad heart” – Keith Hamilton Cobb, Actor (ANDROMEDA – TV Series).

“Dear Anna, The Best Trainer EVER!!!” – Emmanuelle Vaugier, Actress (MAXIM magazine cover)

“Losing 60 pounds has given me the confidence and strength to face any of life’s challenges. The real me is back!” – Paul Kilkenny (25 years old), Geologist, Logan Resources Ltd.

“I started seeing Anna for a year of rehabilitation. After the year was up I continued working out with her. It’s now fourteen years later and I continue seeing Anna weekly. Simply put, Anna’s the best.” – Terry Twentyman, Vancouver

“I have trained with Anna for several years now. I have left our training sessions feeling elated, strong, and mentally sharper than I could possibly feel from any other fitness program. Her combination of physical fitness training, acute intuitive sense and response to the body’s needs, and her totally supportive and enthusiastic professionalism makes me want to bottle her sessions up in a pill and take it daily. It is a total privilege to have Anna make me do ten more reps when I think I’m about to quit. Because she never lets me, the results speak for themselves.” – Mary Tsiandoulas

“I have a high energy level and am in the best shape I have ever been.” Dr. Marina Kolesnikova, Industrial Psychologist

“The fat clothes are gone forever! I’ve lost weight, gained muscle, increased my energy levels, and at 35 I am in the best shape I’ve ever been in. Anna has given me an inspired new outlook and a level of confidence I never had before…she’s changed my life.” – Anna Szczepaniak, Creative Director, Smartdesign Group

“My self-confidence was at rock bottom, but within 4 months of working out with Anna I lost 30 lbs and now look and feel even better than I did when I was 20.” – Ashley Osborn (30 years old), Colliers International

“Training with Anna is amazing. Her knowledge of how the body works is remarkable and she has pushed me harder than any other trainer I’ve had. Don’t let her good looks fool you, she can woop anyone’s butt into shape…and to tears.” – Curtis Lum, Actor, (PSYCH – TV Series)

“Anna Wong has a wonderfully unique style of training that will push you to reach your maximum, while managing to keep your workouts fun and varied. Her ability to listen and assess how you are feeling from day to day sets her apart!” – Michael Patric, Actor, (SANCTUARY – TV Series)

“Not only has Anna whipped me into the best physical condition that I have ever been in, she has also helped to transform my mental and emotional well being. Gentle yet firm, she has kicked my ass into a place of health that I will be grateful for, well into my old age! Thank you Anna!” – Dean Moulton

“Dear Anna, Thanks for helping me earn the title “Lex Goddess”!” – Emmanuelle Vaugier, Actress (SMALLVILLE – TV Series)

“From personal experience, Anna is the smartest & toughest trainer! Training with Anna has been life changing; I’m now in the best shape of my life, physically & mentally. I look forward to our workouts especially after a tough day at the office.” – Winston

“Anna, you are a wonderful person and a SUPERSTAR TRAINER!!! Your ability to care about your clients personally and physically makes you different from other trainers. You truly show you care and I am a better person today as a result – Thank you!” – Barbara Best, BBA, Director of Sales Operations – Canada

“Anna is inspirational, creative and innovative! After only a month, I already saw and felt great changes in my muscular tone, energy level, and I felt stronger than ever. I can feel the improvement in my dancing too; I can move faster and dance longer hours!” – Levina, Ballroom Dancer

“Being in a very stressful job, training with Anna is the best thing I have ever done for myself. Not only do I look better than I have in years, if not ever, I am more relaxed and feel great about myself and life.” – David de Lusignan, General Sales Manager, Jordans Interiors Ltd.

“Working in an office all day often left me feeling lethargic and unmotivated. Anna Wong’s unique training methods left me invigorated and gave me a greater appreciation of how physical fitness can enhance mental well-being.” – Matt, Lawyer

“My Wife and I have three young kids and we both have busy careers in medicine meaning we have almost no free time. To allow us to stay in shape to go skiing occasionally or stay fit enough through the winter so we can pick up our activities in the spring without suffering injury, we regularly endure Anna’s intense, thorough workouts. An hour with Anna is like 3 hours of “normal” gym time.” – Glenn MD,BSc and Jill MD FRCP, PHd, BSc(PT)


“Dear Anna, Thank-you for my buns of STEEL!” – Emmanuelle Vaugier, Actress (FLARE magazine cover)

“To ANNA, Thanx 4 the TRAINING!! love Maestro 2006” – Wes Williams a.k.a. “Maestro Fresh Wes”, Actor/Rapper

“Anna, Thank you so much for helping me get my butt into the gym at 6 a.m. in the mornings. I couldn’t have done it without you.” – Viv Leacock, Actor (I-SPY – Feature Film)

“I have been working out with Anna for 5 months. Anna makes me work hard yet the workouts are fun. I was working out on my own without results. I have noticed a big difference in my muscle tone, stamina and strength. Anyone who workouts with Anna should consider themselves blessed.” – Lesley, Vancouver

“Anna forces me to do exercises I would otherwise avoid, which is a good thing! My posture has improved, eliminating much of my back and neck pain.” – Sue, Management Consultant

“Since working out with Anna, I have more energy, I feel more confident and I’m stronger than ever! Anna has inspired me with her knowledge and passion for health, fitness and well-being.” – Kate (29 years old)

“Anna has been an absolute pleasure to work with. Not only did she help me to get me into fabulous shape for my wedding, she taught me a few things about life as well. It’s been a real treat to work with someone so inspiring. Thanks Anna for everything!” – Lenny Wang, Manager, Residential Mortgages, TD Canada Trust

“Anna provides us with the most innovative and intense workouts we’ve ever experienced.” – Rob Ferguson and Melanie Tanaka

“ANNA, YOU ARE THE BEST! THANK YOU FOR KEEPING ME FIT & ALIVE!” – Andy Chu, President/CEO, Arc2 Intertainment Inc.

“I feel strong, healthy and in the best shape of my life. With Anna’s encouragement, I’m working toward balance – in the gym and in my life.” – Patricia McAuley (51 years old)

“Thanks to Anna I have much more strength and energy as a result of her focused yet pleasant approach.” – Glen Kayll, Vice President, Coastal Contacts Inc.

‎”Anna is a true pro. I am far from it. She patiently worked with me to help me find a new level. Thank you, Anna. You are awesome.” – Mike Watson, Principal, Wazuku Advisory Group Inc.

“I feel stronger and have more energy. I am in the best shape of my life. Thanks Anna.” – Darren Browning, Business Manager Trydor Industries (Canada) Ltd.

“I am in the best shape of my life. I now look my best and feel my best!” – Sam Ezharie (35 years old), Sales Manager, Morrey Auto Group

“I have more energy and I feel great.” – Sherry Lieutard, Sales Representative, HOYA Vision Care Canada

“To Anna, No I don’t want to stretch…Thanks for the body! Love Billy” – William McNamara, Actor (COPYCAT – Feature Film)

“Dear Anna, The ‘girls’ thank you for keeping their mommy fit!” – Emmanuelle Vaugier, Actress (MODERN DOG magazine cover)