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Thai Basil Garlic Ginger Sauteed Chicken with Coconut Rice

THAI BASIL GARLIC GINGER SAUTEED CHICKEN WITH COCONUT RICE Thai basil chicken is a popular dish in Thailand. Here is my version using very minimal ingredients without sacrificing flavor. This recipe [...]

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Sauteed Garlic Ginger Thai Basil Prawns

SAUTEED GARLIC GINGER THAI BASIL PRAWNS If you are craving prawns, this fast, simple, and easy-to-prepare recipe will have your prawns bursting with flavor and ready for serving in just minutes. The [...]

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Beet Parsley Cucumber Juice

BEET PARSLEY CUCUMBER JUICE The bright bold red of the beets in this healthy revitalizing drink is as tantalizing to your eyes as it is to your taste buds. This sweet delightful concoction of beets, [...]

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