ANNA WONG  - About the Training

About the training


Expect results. Expect the best of you. Whether you want a body that is tight and toned, long and lean, or bigger with more muscle mass, Anna trains to shape your body according to your goals while improving your overall health and fitness. Her training focuses not only on the strengthening of the muscles, but also the improvement of your flexibility, stamina, energy and vitality. Expect to look and feel younger. Experience increases in mental clarity and an added zeal for life. The results are incredible and life changing; this would appeal to anyone who wants to live life at his or her best.

Each person is unique and thus, the training is customized. Anna applies a new and different approach for each client. The training is specific to the individual’s needs, fitness level, genetic make and capability. The workouts are challenging and are devised with purpose and strategy. Each exercise is carefully chosen and integrated into an order that will help to deliver results efficiently and effectively.

Anna’s work is inspired and influenced by many of the great masterminds in health, fitness and natural healing of yesterday and today. She expands her knowledge and combines it with her experience to develop new ideas and new methods to apply to her craft. Her artistry includes innovation and invention. She blends movements to create new exercises and to design fresh exercise combinations. Anna’s passionate interest in fitness and health drives her to continually grow to add to her expertise, insight and direction for everyone.

Anna’s training is an eclectic assortment of exercises that may include tools ranging from free weights, tubing, resistance bands, Bosu balls, physio-balls, balance apparatus to skip ropes and medicine balls. She combines strengthening, toning, shaping, cardio, functional training, core training and stretching to achieve maximum results. Exercises entail organic movement patterns to help balance and align the body for optimal function. Each session varies in design to bring out the best of you.

A healthy mind and body enriches your life and empowers your soul. Contact Anna today to get started.

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